Neoreactionary Canon

Let us say you are newly introduced to all this neoreaction business.  You’re aware that the coverage and representation given us by the media has likely been stricken by inaccuracies due at least to simple human limits, if not sheer malevolence, and you are willing to gaze into this void at its source. To assist with that end, this is a sequence of readings selected for their representation of the overall theme of the Dark Enlightenment. The point is less to offer up neoreactionary texts with the intent of persuading you of particular premises (though that is still an intent) but to provide an introduction to the neoreactionary mode of thought.

Altogether this canon must be hundreds of thousands of words in length; the Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives is by itself more than 100,000 words long. For that, this selection is not remotely exhaustive, but thorough. You shall become acquainted with arguments which favor monarchy, patriarchy, anarchy, ethno-nationalism, and a number of other modern triggers even more horrifying. Most will reject our thought without any reading of the source material, but for those who find themselves stricken by a morbid curiosity and a desire to grapple with ideas you would never hear in the halls of academia, this is for you. Be warned, however. The nature of engagement necessitates, whether you agree or disagree with our aims, that you shall be changed. For better or worse, that is up to you.

A strict top-to-bottom reading isn’t necessary, but the categories have been arranged in an order conducive to complete beginners. The Major Works can be skipped for brevity, but it is certainly the case that the hard core of neoreaction is found in those texts. Initial Remarks will provide an introduction to the broad areas of agreement and the boundaries between neoreaction and related thought systems. Taking the Red Pill is a series of trenchant analyses of civilization which shall instruct in new hermeneutics for the interpretation of experience and social phenomena. Whipping Up a Society from Scratch delves into theory concerning the conditioning of individual’s lives by the social structures they participate in. Finally, Tinkering with Ideology illuminates insights as to the propagation and spread of ideas.

Best of luck.

Major Works

Initial Remarks

Taking the Red Pill

Whipping Up a Society from Scratch

Tinkering with Ideology

20 thoughts on “Neoreactionary Canon”

  1. It’s gonna take me a while to read through this canon but I’m really, really glad we are beyond “Go read Moldbug”.

  2. I’ve prepared polished PDFs for several Moldbug series, described below:

    An Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives, available at
    A Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations, available at
    How Dawkins Got Pwned, available at
    Moldbug on Carlyle, available at

    In my view, A Gentle Introduction is probably the best place to start.

  3. I’ve prepared an epub collection of the referenced articles, although Lex’s individual articles are much more polished.

  4. Gutenberg said:

    Thanks everyone! This is really helpful to me who’s getting my feet wet in all this. I really appreciate the work you’ve done here.

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