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The Reactosphere, i.e. that part of the blogosphere dedicated and peripherally attached to neoreactionary ideology, be that in the cohering precepts concerning social hierarchy, feminism, patriarchy, restorationist and conservative political arrangement, Game, race realism, and so on, has really begun to take on a crystallized form. The ideology is beginning to come into its own.

The activity of ideology production has a division of labor. The taxonomy I and my friends Amos & Gromar have put together is our attempt at illustrating that division of labor and focusing attention on what roles are taken on in the overall production. All such placement is meant with total intellectual honesty, which I say as a warning in case some feel that the categories I have placed certain individuals in are unjustified. Some placements were harder to make than others, especially when the given writer does a variety of writing that is not only within one single category: when that was the case, they were assigned a category on the basis of what I and A&G evaluated to be their most important contribution. For instance, though A&G has done some work that would technically qualify as high theory, their best work (in our mutual opinions) is that A&G contributes more to low theory. Likewise, placement on the list is not meant to represent equal amounts of contribution; we’ve placed both Nick Steves and Rollo Tomassi in the category of low theory, but, with all respect to Nickie, Rollo is more influential.

This list is intended somewhat as a counterpoint to the otherwise prevalent lists of recommended reading that have begun to crop up. While such lists are good, they look back on where we have come from. The writers on this list are selected on the basis that we believe they are doing the most to contribute presently to the development of neoreactionary ideology. It is recognized that this list is similar to the visualization produced by Habitable Worlds, but instead of dividing on the basis of particular perspective (I’d like to think I fall somewhere between neoreactionary political philosophy and Christian traditionalism), this is a division on the basis of what acquaintance with the development of ideas the particular writer has.

One final caveat: I am human. Though I may spend 4-6 hours every day at the coffee shop just reading, writing, and discussing neoreaction, it would be impossible for me to give attention where it is always due. As such, I welcome comments making the case for the inclusion of overlooked writers, and following our (I and A&G) evaluation, they will be given a placement if we think it is deserved.

Now, there are five categories of writers in the Reactosphere, though as far as actual development of ideology goes, only four of those matter. One of them is more a concession to the popular culture of the ‘sphere, though it is no trivial concession. That category will be explained and defended for its own merits.

Each category is important. Like I called it above, it is a division of labor. Placement into one category rather than another is no slight; it is merely that not everyone fulfills the same role. “No small parts, only small actors.” I mean that seriously. So without further ado, the categories are these.

High theory: These are the “heavy hitters,” who propose the topics of discussion and the models for understanding how things work. High theory is not only concerned with formulating novel answers and approaches, but is also concerned with choosing the questions the theory takes on. They direct the discussion, define the terms, and so on. They stand as the Vienna Circle to logical positivism. Neoreaction is their baby. From the bombastic theorizing of Moldbug to the nuanced inquiry of the Social Pathologist, the fundamental concerns and narratives are born here.

Low theory: These writers clean up after the heavy hitters. While they might not do as much for proposing and directing the topics under discussion, they provide useful development to the precepts proposed in high theory. They work to make a synthesis of the varying strands of thought you find in high theory and to prune the the false starts. They stand as Marxists to Marxism.

Commentary: These are probably the most important writers for bringing neoreaction to the world. Though they may not contribute their own developments to the theory, they take it on for themselves and apply it to the concrete world. They give a running commentary on the issues of the day from the neoreactionary perspective. They are the popular writers who help to sell the ideology to the mass of the public. They make it easier to digest. Imagine someone who tried to get into philosophy by starting with Kant: you’re going to pull something. Most people start here when they’re introduced to neoreaction.

Data theory/Sciences: These writers only implicitly have a neoreactionary perspective. They may not explicitly develop the theory on their own terms, but they do yet contribute the hard data and trends for analysis. To be honest, I have little to say for them, though I know A&G does, so make sure to read his post on this in addition to my own.

Advice: Like Data theory/Sciences, their neoreactionary perspective is implicit and only rarely explicit. This is the concessionary category, for while I don’t believe these writers are doing anything (at least not anymore) to develop neoreactionary ideology, they are still important in an overall sense. Enough people have been introduced and persuaded to neoreaction through them that they might be considered the C.S. Lewis of the Dark Enlightenment. Though no Christian actually believes C.S. Lewis’ own version of Christianity (in fact, I find it only superficially persuasive; his fiction is better), enough Christians  have been converted through reading his material that he’s worth including.

Those being the categories, let us go ahead and produce the list we have initially come up with, which we will update whenever some writer is brought to our attention.

High Theory:
Donal Graeme
Social Pathologist
More Right
Jim’s Blog
Bruce Charlton
Low Theory:
Rational Male
Alpha is Assumed
Alpha Game Plan
Nick Steves
Habitable Worlds
Sunshine Mary
Amos & Gromar
Alternative Right
The Legionnaire
Data Theory/Sciences:
Steve Sailer
West Hunter
hbd* chick
Education Realist
Judgy Bitch
Chateau Heartiste
The Last Psychiatrist
Taki’s Mag
The Right Stuff
Lion of the Blogosphere
Matt Forney
Assistant Village Idiot
Free Northener
Verus Conditio
Staged Reality
Elusive Wapiti
Red Pill Wifery
80 Proof Oinomancy
Thinking Housewife
Roosh V
Athol Kay